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In business since 2001, BC Ressources Humaines is a management recruiting and head hunter firm specialized in recruiting from intermediate management to high-level executive personnel.

With more than fifteen years of experience in executive search recruiting with numerous organizations, our versatility permits us to be highly adaptable during the recruiting process.

As a National executive recruiting firm, we are proud to be part of groups like Searchwest & Summit Search Group. Along with our partners, we are present in all the major cities in Canada. With a national focus, our affiliations are comprised of 10 recruiting firms with over 40 working consultants throughout Québec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Our clients are large companies or manufacturing SME’s from all sectors present in the country, as well as many who are service-based.

For executive level recruitment, choose BC Ressources Humaines as your partner! You can be assured to have the correct and dedicated solution for your recruitment needs, as well as knowing that our services are competitive, efficient and guaranteed.

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 |  Problems to find the right candidate

Social media, newspapers, government agencies, e-tenders from various specialized job sites are all available ways to publicize and advertise your job offers.
But what about the results? It must be known that all these means of advertising your offers will only affect 25% of the active population.

The fact is that we do not usually look at job offers if we are not listening to new job opportunities.
It is the lack of interest that justifies this inaction. There are two groups, one with an interest in the different job offers (active) and the other who does not care (passive).
Thus, as an employer, one is deprived of means of joining 75% of the so-called passive candidates. However, the skills, experience and knowledge you are looking for in the profiles of the candidates you want to recruit are mostly found among passive candidates.

Several ways can be envisaged to target this passive workforce. Word of mouth is one, always effective. Advertisements about the multiple benefits that your company offers and that are nonexistent among your competitors or companies in your industry are another.

You can use the direct approach that is the targeting solicitation of the group of candidates you want to join your team. Recruitment firms such as BC Human Resources ( are particularly qualified and equipped to directly solicit this passive workforce successfully. This approach is commonly called "headhunting" or "head hunting".
The exercise involves getting in touch with targeted candidates and offering them a job when they were not necessarily listening to job opportunities. The latter will therefore have the opportunity to analyze the offer according to the conditions and opportunities for progression offered, and this, in correlation with their desired quality of life and their career aspirations.

The success of companies depends on the quality of their staff, and they must implement any recruitment mechanism deemed useful to achieve this objective.
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