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BC Ressources Humaines: Your head hunter.

We offer our customers a structured, proven and established method of collaboration. Each mandate is carried out systematically and considered a team effort.

Here is an overview of our methods in five distinct steps:

  • An extensive analysis of our customers’ needs, its culture and business structure is essential.

  • An analysis of the profile provides a detailed description of the position to fill, the profile of the ideal candidate as well as a list of expectations and objectives required of him/her.

  • For us, each mandate is unique, and therefore, it is important to individually develop a strategy that would permit you to choose the best candidates for your buisness.

  • A structured market research is undertaken for each mandate. We establish a list of companies where potential candidates could be found and we search through our national databank of candidates. We also employ all publicity mediums appropriate for the position.

  • Our consultants interview all qualified candidates and present our client with a written evaluation of each one. We undertake the gathering of references and assist our clients with negotiating the final agreement with the chosen candidate.


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